Tangible Tweaks for LearnDash

Post videos, files, updates, links and more

Trying to turn your WordPress site into a full blown social is a management headache, but relying on the built-in comment system isn’t a great student experience.

Independant lesson completion

This tweak allows you to make individual lessons accessible without going through a specific course. When using shared course steps, you can also enable each instance of a given lesson to mark all other instances of that lesson as complete.

Speed up users area in admin

Loading course progress on user profiles can lead to load times of multiple minutes or even crashes on sites with a lot of data. This tweak loads the course progress information in smaller batches after the rest of the user page has loaded to make the users section of the admin respond quickly.

Advanced Gravity Forms integration

Our Gravity Forms integration allows you to select a Gravity Form that controls completion for a lesson or topic. The custom field can then be used in theme templates. You can even use the UABB Gravity Forms module to style every form of this kind in a Beaver Themer template.

Remove LearnDash License Activation Notice

Since LearnDash doesn’t provide the typical unlimited agency license option, developers with a large amount of test/dev sites are stuck with annoying license nags for non-live sites. This option simply hides the nag so you can focus on development without distractions in the admin!

Certificate image field

LearnDash certificate featured image is used to set the background of your certificate. We add a second certificate image for use on the frontend. This allows links to your certificates to look like badges with icons of your choice. The image can be displayed using shortcodes or Beaver Themer field connections.

It’s time for a better Classroom experience

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